Блоги Yuki 30 November
The remained filter as a skeleton of cigarettes,
And I die - without you is not present me.
It would be desirable to tell crazy "greetings",
But only in fact feelings at you to me are not present...

And whether were? Was not. Simply game!
Certainly, you have forgotten me yesterday;
And I shall be dared, tears I shall hide and I shall hem,
And, can, there somewhere fire and will arise...

To keep you in heart it is not necessary already
And to remember those nice meetings...
But only here a stone on a tired soul,
And heart it is covered by black gouache...

We shall pass, we shall forget, to wake up is time;
There Is no in the joyful world to me a happiness
- All our life - only game,
With dreams will have to leave...
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